91 Hours Every Year

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“Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time”


Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
Considered the most well-known French Romantic writer

I was going over my calendar the other day and wondering where all my time was slipping away. I knew I had time wasters creeping in and was making new resolutions to get rid of the “extra”.


To convince myself how much time I was wasting, I did a little math:


Suppose I spent 15 minutes each day doing something that was a complete waste of time.


15 min= 0.25 hours

365 days=1 yr

therefore: 0.25 X 365 = 91.25


That’s 91.25 hrs wasted every year if I spent 15 minutes each day doing somthing useless!


Eliminating weekends, holidays: 65 hrs wasted in a year!


Averaged between the two it’s about 2 work weeks more in my life.



How many calls could I make?

How much could I get done on that book I want to write?

What could I do with my family in that much time?


Think about that the next time you want to cruise the net when you could be doing something else. I know I will.



Be Grateful . . .  .


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