A Hunch

By December 13, 2012Leadership

“I go by instinct. . . . I don’t worry about experience.”


Barbara Streisand  


I sat with the pen in my hand staring at the form. Something in me could not fill it out. This had been my dream I had worked so hard for. I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do.

I started wrestling at nine. I was a short, skinny kid; and an easy target for bullies.

My parents couldn’t afford martial arts or boxing. My mom stumbled on an introduction to wrestling class with the Parks & Recreation Department. I stepped on the mat looking for the ropes and the turn-buckles so I could become like Super Fly Jimmy Snuka of WWF fame. Instead I discovered a passion that I still carry today. It took two years before I started winning, but I loved it.

Many years later, there was the form: a walk-on offer from a college. With any luck, I could earn a scholarship before the end of the first year. I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me. I opted instead to start junior college and worked my way through getting my MBA with part-time jobs and student loans.

Looking back, I am grateful I didn’t take the plunge. My academics would have suffered. I would have never met my wife. I may have never found the path to becoming a business coach and consultant – something I love more then wrestling. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.


Call it intuition, a sixth sense, your gut, Karma, or the Holy Spirit.


Whatever you call it; Trust it.

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