How did I get such a jumbled mess?

Keep adding new processes, and you end up with a cluster.

One of my wife’s many gifts is that she is extremely organized in everything that she does. I, on the other hand, am not that way. I have had to learn as an adult to keep organized and still have to make a conscious effort.

Even for an organized business owner, adding staff and complexity to the business can cause your processes and systems to become a jumbled mess.

Poor systems never start as bad. Usually they occur because the system in place has not responded well to unexpected challenges or new opportunities.

Imagine your original business systems as a single bubble. You’re happy with your bubble. It works and produces the results that you need.

Your core business starts as a simple set of processes
Eventually a new problem or opportunity comes up that you need to address. It’s easier to just add a new system or process instead of growing your system.

A new challenge can present a need for a new process

However, if you keep adding new processes to every new opportunity, you have a business full of disjointed processes. They sort of fit together, but they are cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Keep adding new processes, and you end up with a cluster.

To get out of this jumble of un-manageable, independent processes, you have to start looking at your Standard Operating Procedures and see how they fit together, figure out transitions, communication methods, and how to better wow your customers.

You need tighter operating procedures.

Don’t roll your eyes. None of us like the restrictions and the “corporatization” of our businesses. Most of us started our business to get away from the smothering of someone else’s stupid rules.  The truth is, great business is somewhere between smothering bureaucracy and flying by the seat of your pants.

By developing written procedures and processes, you create a team that produces the same level of quality as you would if you were doing the job yourself. How detailed and how specific you get with your processes depends on how much decision making can be left to your newest and least experienced employee.


is a business coach and consultant that works with business owners and managers to create momentum in their business with strategies and tactics that they can implement today. These strategies are based on the five foundations of business: Marketing, Leadership, Operations, Finance and Systems.

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