All the Wrong Things

focused on non-productive thingsI picked up my kids from school the other day. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I asked how their day went.


My son started describing his day, when his sister started arguing with him about whether he had played tag or wall-ball during recess. There did not seem to be any point to the argument besides who was right and who was wrong. It was merely about who would win the “uh-huh/nyu-huh” war.


After a few seconds of the back-and-forth I asked, “Is anyone going to be injured by whether Josh played one or the other today?” No. “Is there something that will be damaged?” No. “Is anyone going to hell because of it?” Definitely no.


We had a quick conversation about what is important and what we spend our energy on. That got me thinking about what we all seem to spin our wheels on.


We often find a way to keep our selves busy; somehow believing that because we are busy, we are productive. Often we busy ourselves with the wrong things – like my kids arguing about something that has no relevance besides feeling they bested the other in their “who is right” contest.


Are you the right kind of busy? Can you see sales growing, service improving, teams developing, and profits improving?


Time to refocus priorities.


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