Stop satisfying customers. Amaze them

Quickly write down how you are different from your competitors. (Don’t cheat by looking ahead)

Did you use any of the following three words?

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Cost

Most businesses say something like “we provide the best quality with great service at the best price.” They don’t have any other way to explain it.

If that is what everyone is telling their Stop satisfying customers. Amaze themcustomer, the only way a customer has to define the difference is the cost. When you are defined by cost, you become a commodity and are now involved in “Price Limbo Competition” – how low can you go? The business that wins the race to the bottom of the price race is the biggest loser.

So – what is the #1 way to differentiate yourself?

Here it is. It’s simple. It will require more work on your part.


Create an amazing experience.


Forget quality.

Forget service.

Forget price.

I am not telling you to give crappy quality or service.  What I am saying is that you SHOW quality and service through an enhanced experience for your customers.

The first step is to remove what frustrates your clients. One of my favorite examples of eliminating frustrations is Oil Can Henry’s. They have eliminated the dullness from getting an oil change. You stay in your car and enjoy the most current periodical of your choice (which is available for you to buy and take with you.) No need to sit in a dingy and cluttered 10X10 room with outdated magazines that don’t interest you anyway, cold coffee, or another re-run of Jerry Springer on a TV that doesn’t change channels.

What is the biggest discomfort you can eliminate from your service?

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What do you plan to change for more referrals?