Better Productivity

Getting too much sleep?

The other day I awoke refreshed, but still wanting to wallow in my comforter for a few hours more. It’s not that I didn’t get enough sleep; on the contrary, it was one of the best nights for sleeping I have had in a week! Last week I was sick as a dog and had a difficult time sleeping.


I was shocked to find myself in bed at an earlier than usual hour and Getting too much sleep?looked forward to the full eight hours of sleep I needed. I slept nine instead and still felt groggy. I should have known better.


If I get more than seven hours of sleep – I always feel more tired than if I got less. There is something about my biology that makes me sluggish and lazy on days when I get too much sleep.


So how does that impact your business? Why am I sharing all of this with you in a business blog? Simply put: Know yourself and your work habits. We can often derail ourselves if we don’t observe how we work best.

  • Know what your body needs to be at peak performance. How many hours of sleep do you need? What foods energize you and which drag you down?
  • Watch your peaks and valleys and try to observe what happens around them. Do you work better on a full or empty stomach? Are you energized after visiting with your team or more drained?
  • Find out when your peak productive hours take place. Are you better in the morning, late afternoon or at 11:00 at night? Find when you are most creative or social. Schedule your work appropriately.


Every one of us is different in our biological rhythms.


Find yours.