Build a Better Mousetrap? Don’t Forget The Marketing

Just having a better product does not equal great sales

The old saying goes: “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Unfortunately, this saying has led many business leaders to believe that they only need to “build a better mousetrap.” A focus on quality and creating something amazing will fix everything. Eventually word will get out. Right?!?!

Unfortunately, the world cannot beat a path to your door unless the world knows about your amazing mousetrap.

There are businesses that corner the market on word of mouth. People love them and their product so much, that they tell everyone about it. I wrote about one of these businesses here. However, they are  very intentional about encouraging word of mouth.  Also, depending on word of mouth alone leaves a large portion of your target market out of the loop.

Promoting your business is much easier once you have defined the other 4Ps of your marketing (Product, Price, and Position). Using the steps below, you can begin developing your promotion campaigns

  1. Define your target Market: Determine who needs to hear your message. The more specific the market, the more successful you will be. (More here)
  2. Define your message: Understand the motivations of your target market. Then describe how your business solves a problem or fulfills a desire. This is where a copywriter comes in handy. Copywriters are professionals that are experts in writing to sell. They can help you sculpt this message and avoid most of the trial and error it would otherwise require of your marketing. With a clear message, the design can then be sculpted around it with logos, pictures and graphic design.
  3. Define the strategy: Just running an ad, publishing a website, or networking is only effective if you know the steps that will take your ideal customer all the way through the sale.
  4. Always have a next step in place: If a person in your target market does not take you initial offer or buy on their first encounter, what is your next step? Remember that most sales don’t happen until the seventh interaction between the customer and the product. Are they on your newsletter list? Do you have a way to contact them and provide more information? How will you continue to develop that relationship?

Getting away from pure tactics and hoping they make the sale for you will get you the marketing success you have been craving.


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