Catching Butterflies

By July 5, 2012Marketing
Catching Butterflies

Catching Butterflies

My six-year-old daughter surprised me in the car today when she asked me what butterflies eat. My brain scrambled to access some long-forgotten biology class.

“Nectar,” I replied – proud that I could remember such a minute detail.

“Don’t bees eat nectar, too?”

(How does she know that . . . ?)

“Yes, I guess they do. I think humming birds eat nectar, too”


“So if I get a whole lot of nectar I could catch butterflies?”

“Well, it might not be that easy. You have to make sure the nectar is in the right place where a butterfly will find it and it has to be the right season for butterflies. The bad news is you might catch some bees (she hates bees) but if you are lucky, you might also get a humming bird.”

Immediately I saw the correlation to marketing. Just having what they want is not enough. You have to reach them at the right place and the right time.

Thanks for the marketing lesson, sweetheart.

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