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success concept“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”


Abraham Lincoln


I had the special privilege of being in a Silverdale Rotary meeting where six high school kids were being honored for the many great things they are doing with their lives. All six came from different backgrounds, different family structures, and different cultural heritages.

Each of them was supposed to address the audience.They talked about the many activities, clubs, teams and other efforts they were making in their lives. The reason they gave for doing everything was simple: they had a large horizon that they planned to cross. There was little desire for the award they were receiving – the awards they craved were much larger than the little framed certificate and small gift they were receiving that day.They want to be greater than themselves.

So that got me thinking: “these teens are defining success in ways they understand it. Most of us had the same ambitions and dreams.”


Do we still define success the same way we did in high school?

What caused us to change how we measure success?


I can’t define success in life for you.

Business success is just as elusive. A “successful” business is often defined as growing, making a profit, long-term viability, attracting investors, . . . . The measures are endless.

Make up your mind. Set your horizon. Determine your measures. Make it happen.

Blind Hog

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Blind_Hog“Even a blind hog will find an acorn once in a while.”

Southern Proverb

This is the type of thing my very Texan grandfather used to tell me. While this is not something I directly remember him saying, he would enjoy it just the same.

So what does that mean exactly? You can take it two ways, I guess.





  1. Even the handicapped get lucky sometimes
  2. You don’t need every advantage to be successful.


I prefer the second meaning.


Anytime you start out on a new venture – I’m sure you feel like that blind hog. Rooting around the ground with your nose hoping to find the first sign of the acorn you need. That first acorn sure is nice, isn’t it?


So, here is what happens. You start out and trip, stumble and even run headfirst into the trunk of the wrong tree. After stumbling along, you find the first acorn. Sweet success!


If you are observant, you can pick up on the “unseen” signs that point you to future success. You begin to discover what works and what does not. 


It requires tons of time and failure to get to that big “win”.


This brings us to the fifth element that determines if a wrestler or business owner is successful: Determination.


There is another side to this. You don’t have to “root around” for too long. A little help from a coach can get you moving in the right direction without running head-first into the wrong tree.