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Content will help you develop a relationship with your customer.

Content will help you develop a relationship with your customer.We are becoming more jaded and blind to the marketing around us. Even outside of the holiday season, advertising is becoming more intrusive into our lives. In a 2007 interview with the NY Times, Pablo de Echevarria, VP of Marketing with Perry Ellis (a men’s clothing company) said, “We’re always looking for new mediums and places that have not been used before — it’s an effort to get over the clutter. But, I guess we end up creating more clutter.”

So how can you, the small business leader, cut through all the clutter? What chance do you have against billion-dollar marketing budgets?

Develop a relationship with your customer.

People are no longer satisfied with the pure transactional nature of business. They yearn for a closer connection. They want to know the people they buy from; to trust their judgment. The popularity of blogging and social media is evidence of the craving for a closer relationship with the people they do business with. People now demand to see value before they let go of that hard-earned dollar.

In advertising, the relationship you build with your customer is through your content. By creating content in all of your marketing, you are establishing a dialogue that will set the stage for your initial contact with them. Your webpage, your newspaper ad, your radio or TV spot, social media, brochures, and even the yellow pages determine the relationship and set the expectations and level of trust they will have with you and your business. So why not grease the skids to make the “first date” with your new customer a good one?

One quick warning. Your marketing should have relative content – content that creates a connection, educates, and gives us value before we buy. A run-down of statistics or a list of features does not create a relationship.

If your marketing is missing relative content, you are missing out on the relationship that can garner you long-time, loyal customers.

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