David Mitchell

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David is a Business Consultant and Coach focusing on helping small businesses become more profitable and stable. David helps businesses create systems that permeate into the Building-Blocks of Business: Marketing, Operations, Management, Controls and Finance. With these systems, businesses are better capable of responding to opportunities, exceeding customer expectations and surviving downturns in the market.

David’s first business venture was at the ripe old age of 11. He landed his first commercial contract at 13 with 84 Lumber. Since then, David has received his MBA from Texas Tech University and has managed many businesses and projects successfully. Most of these businesses have been start-ups or turnarounds. His education, experience, never-say-die attitude and the heart of a teacher have played an integral role in helping many businesses succeed.

In addition to his passion for business, David volunteers in developing Kitsap youth. He is a volunteer coach for Bremerton’s Blue and Gold Wrestling Team and East Bremerton Peewees Baseball. He also serves as the Committee Chairman for BSA Troop 1560 and teaches Leadership Training his local BSA District.

The greatest blessing in his life, however, is his beautiful wife Sarah and their two children: Josh and Rachel

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