DIYMarketers with Ivana Taylor| Read It and Reap | Building Your Booming Business

I had a lot of fun on this interview…..caution, I had technical difficulties on my end at about 17:12, but check out how I worked around it and was able to get back on the call by 18:34….

Here is what Ivana Taylor says about the book:

“For years, David Mitchell has been coaching businesses and business leaders to success by helping them build the tools and processes they need to make a business successful.

He knows the secrets for why businesses succeed, why customers stay loyal or leave, and how to be an effective business leader.

Unfortunately, it would be impossible for him to coach every business, so now he has written Building Your Booming Business to share the main strategies businesses need if they want to get ahead and stay there in a competitive marketplace. And surprisingly, it’s not all about profit or even having a better product.”

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David digs deeper into the concepts and principles he puts in his Weekly Kick In the Butt in the book Building Your Booming Business.

 Pick up your copy here:



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