Do It, Delegate It, or Dump It

Few things in life are equal to the joy of a job well done.

But for most business leaders, we feel the job is never “done”.

One day I was sitting at the table with my family. Sarah (my lovely and patient wife) was telling me about her day. Suddenly she says:

“Care to join us?”

I had drifted away from my family to think about the concerns I had at the office. I was steeling time from my family. This was not a one-time occurrence.

It was then that I decided I had to change a few things.

I started re-evaluating what I was doing and decided that I needed to train my staff better. It was relieving to discover how effective I could be – and I wasn’t overwhelmed.

Many of us as business leaders assume too much accountability. I’m not saying responsibility because we are always responsible for what occurs under our leadership. I’m saying that we do not share accountability with our team – or we fail to make a team that we hold accountable. By delegating and holding our team accountable, we can move the business forward without getting bogged down.

I often talk about the business leader who is still “swinging the hammer.” Instead of running a business, he has positioned himself to be the business. He has not developed a team that will allow him to delegate and leave him with the most important tasks – developing the business.

Even if you are a “one-man-army” there are ways to delegate and develop a team. There are great resources of bookkeeping/accounting, webdesign, setting appointments and even answering your phone. You can out-source these locally or use services like, and

Remember you don’t have to go it alone. Do it, delegate it, or dump it.



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