Don’t Forget to Live

cerate systems for what you love

hammockWhat an exciting week! I had the opportunity to spend a few days in just outside of Yosemite for a family reunion.

Now before you start to yawn and think it’s another opportunity to hear your ninety-something uncle Frank talk about how life was before they invented paper while passing copious amounts of gas – this was 20 great people and their children ranging in ages from a few months to 21 years old that I happen to be related to. I’m sore from the softball, basketball and invented games that have yet to be named.

I came away with a great reminder about my business. My business is designed to support my life – not the other way around.

So here is a call to action for you: Make sure you have time to enjoy the people you love or do the things you like most.

If there is business that MUST be done while you are off – it means developing systems in order to make sure the team members and technology can handle the load for you.


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