Don’t Lose Customers in the Final Stretch

This week I thought I would share with you a lack-luster customer experience that could have easily been several times better!

Good morning, I hope you have a great Monday morning.
So I’m here in Portland for conference and I’m staying at a hotel – which will remain nameless. It’ been a good hotel but there’s a few small problems that I thought I’d use as situational or great examples for you to help you win your own business.

As you walk in it’s a nice clean room (except for my junk sitting on the bed) Nice, clean room. Not a whole lot, a standard hotel. They’ve added a big screen TV very nice, very flat brand-new but here’s the problem: It doesn’t move. They’ve got a little disclaimer right her. It says that it doesn’t move around and if you break it you’ll pay for it. So, if I wanted to sit on the couch, watching TV might pose a problem. A minor inconvenience, but one that can damper your experience and make it that much less enjoyable.

Also, I like a lot of work in the evening so I have a nice desk here (even though it’s a little crowded with the coffee pot.) If I want to set up my laptop and get some work done maybe I could just move the coffee pot but . . . there’s no Internet to plug into. There’s no cord for me to get some high-speed Internet. This is a phone jack but it is not a high-speed Internet jack. I don’t usually make the habit of bringing an Internet cord with me.

That was just a couple of things. But this is the one that really got to me. I got up this morning ready to use the fitness room that was so avidly advertised. However my key didn’t work. I just thought it was a problem with my key. I go to the front desk and first of all the guy at the front desk wasn’t at the front desk, he was sitting on the sofa in the lobby watching TV. Just saying. But when he did finally recognize that I was standing there, his comment was that the fitness room doesn’t open until 10 o’clock because it might wake up the other guests. That kind of defeats the purpose. Most travelers, (I’m not going to say most because they’re some that do it in the evening) but many are going to want to do it in the morning . And they’re not going to want to do it after breakfast and they’re not going to want to do it an hour before checkout at 11 o’clock. Just some observations.

These are all good examples of ideas and marketing thoughts that they had. Things that they do to enhance the customer experience but they didn’t follow it all the way through, they didn’t think it all the way through.

That’s what I want to challenge you for this week:
What amenities, what little tweaks, what additions are you giving your customers that perhaps aren’t giving them what they asked for? It’s a nice thought, but because it’s not all the way thought through, they’re more angry than they are thrilled. Just think about that this week and implement and follow through on what you’re doing. We’ll see you on the other side.

 is the author of the upcoming book Building Your Booming Business. He is also business coach and consultant that works with business owners and managers to create momentum in their business with strategies and tactics that they can implement today. These strategies are based on the five foundations of business: Marketing, Leadership, Operations, Finance and Systems.

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