Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of creating an Email Marketing strategy

Benefits of creating an Email Marketing strategyMany of you have been getting my emails for some time. You often open, read, click-through, and attend many of my events.


As I have been reviewing my data and my marketing over the last several weeks, I began pondering the efficacy of these twice-a-week emails.


While it has been a long-term project (nearly two years) I have discovered that my emails do several things for my business:


  1. Establish Trust: The contacts on my list (you) have had ample opportunity to get a glimpse into my business philosophy and application of principles in business.
  2. Establish Rapport: Not only do you see what my thoughts on building a business are, but you have also looked into who I am through my stories and sharing my experiences of who I am.
  3. Create “Top of Mind”: Many of you have called me when you get into a business bind.
  4. Give Permission: I have the opportunity to market to you once in a while. I have given you value over time while creating trust and rapport. Because you and I have developed this kind of relationship, it makes it easier for us to connect off-line through seminars, speeches, events, and other products or programs.
  5. Develop Content: These emails have also allowed me to develop website content and traffic. This improves my Google ranking which makes it easier for people not currently getting my emails to see me, sign up, and even contact me for services. It has also given me a rough structure and content for a book I am writing: “The Smallest Business Book You Will Ever Need.”

Having said this, Thank You! Thank you for allowing me to speak from my heart and my passion into your business. Thank you for allowing me to connect with you in a personal way


To many more returns through the years.


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