Drip Marketing

By November 12, 2011Marketing

As I begin my own drip marketing, I ponder the efficacy of it. Blogs, newsletters, emails, Facebook posts, pop-bys, phone calls – this list can be endless to keep in touch with those who have a direct connection to you and are potential referral partners, clients, or other fans.

What is a drip campaign? Simply put, it consists of measured “drips” that you provide to your current, past and potential clients. Included in your list should also be your referral partners. As you develop your campaign, you have to identify what categories your contacts fall into. Then determine what small drips you can provide to your database that is going to accomplish two things:

  1. Provide value and establish your business as the authority and expert.
  2. Create “top-of-mind” that helps them remember you are around and available to them.

Here is a great example of how drip marketing works. A mortgage originator decides to send a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” email to a certain category. This is a group that is accustomed to receiving messages from him and have a well established relationship¬†with him. One of his previous clients responds directly to the email stating they have been thinking about refinancing for a few weeks. Result: Our mortgage originator reminded the client of his presence and the good relationship they had. A refinance resulted in a few hundred dollars worth of commissions and the client now has another reason to tell her friends what a great guy he is.

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