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By April 20, 2014Marketing
These four marketing components are the key to your marketing

These four marketing components are the key to your marketingAs the world becomes more jaded to marketing, it’s become harder for you to get your message heard. Before you throw your hands up in a state of overwhelm, let’s break your marketing down to four simple thoughts:

Everything You Do is Marketing

From the product you make, to the price you set, to the follow-through service you provide. Everything is meant for that one purpose of making your customer ecstatic about you and your business.

Be Clear About Your Customer

Would you rather take 100 people through 20% of the sales process or 20 people through 100%? It’s much easier to satisfy the demand when you have the need and the person who needs it clearly defined. You can also more clearly communicate to a specific audience than to a broad one. Expand to other niches when you have the first one well established.

Use Direct-Response Marketing

Branding will happen with time. Don’t get bogged down in logos, names and colors for too long. Make them memorable and then start marketing with the intent of developing a relationship. People do business with those who they know, like, and trust. So why not help them develop that trust?

Think “What’s Next?”

Always have a clear direction for your marketing to take. In old sales training this was often called your funnel. With so many methods of communication and technologies, you can begin to systematize and automate your communication.


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