Choosing an employee requires a strategy and more than just finding someone to fog a mirror. I can provide the business coaching you need to make that happen.

Choosing an employee requires a strategy and more than just finding someone to fog a mirror. I can provide the business coaching you need to make that happen.There just aren’t as many skilled and experienced employees in the market as there once were!

When the economy tanked in 2008 – especially for the housing and building industries – many skilled workers went back to school or found a job in a different industry. Those that did stay in the game are now demanding more cash and can be hired away at the drop of a hat for a little more an hour.

Hiring young workers and training them seems more frustrating than losing your quality employees.  The basic skills taught a few decades ago are not being taught so readily to the new generation. How to drive a straight nail even seems foreign to many workers entering the market.

This has created a huge gap in many industries. Not enough experience to hold the quality end up, higher labor costs, and little new talent coming through the door.

Time for a “Hiring Strategy.”

It feels like more work than it’s worth, but if you can create an incredible strategy for finding, hiring and training excellent people you will save yourself weeks and months of lost productivity and revenue.

Actually, a hiring strategy is not very different than a marketing strategy. It boils down to several questions you need to be asking that you probably are not:

What are the key, measured results that I want from every worker?

  • Besides experience, what are the key values my ideal worker will bring to the table?
  • What can we teach and – more importantly – what can we not teach?
  • What can we do to make the hiring process more detailed instead of just hiring the guy that can fog a mirror?

Hiring for experience is good, but hiring a team member who has a great work ethic, a desire to learn and a drive to succeed will be a better employee every time. Some of the best people I have ever hired had zero experience. Why? Because they had a drive to succeed. Granted, certain positions require specific qualifications. I won’t hire a doctor without a degree or license to practice but a great attitude. However, once the minimum qualifications for a position are met, the rest can be taught.

A mistake I often see in hiring is not doing your due diligence in the process. Put your people through the ringer. Do multiple interviews, perform a “working interview” by requiring them  to “ride along” for a day. I even suggest that you know their spouse or someone important in their life. You don’t want the employee who has a crazy person at home draining the energy they should put into their work.  And of course, check references, review backgrounds, and have drug tests performed.

Ultimately, you have to have a process for hiring. Just like your sales process, framing a door, booking a patient, or wiring a house. There are certain principles to use and can be adjusted for the job you need done. But when you start short-cutting the process, you start short-cutting your results.
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