I officially declare that Spring is here! 

Spring is about re-birth, energy, and hope. It’s about opening day, grass between your toes, and sunshine on your face.

Hope: For a brighter day. For a better world. For a stronger future.


Hope moves us forward. Hope to change our selves, our business, our lives.

I recently read about a study done in the late 60’s about hopelessness and dogs. The researches would ring a bell and quickly follow it with a mild electric shock. At first the dogs looked for a way out, but could not find one.


After a few days of this, the researchers split the area in two. One side was insulated and would keep the dogs from being electrocuted. A small barrier was placed in between the areas that the dogs could easily overcome.


What surprised the researchers, was that the dogs never attempted to jump the barrier to the “safe” zone. They had accepted their plight and had no hope to alleviate it. Without the hope that they could change their situation, improve their world, they simply gave up and accepted the pain imposed on them.


The good news – researchers worked with these dogs to show them that moving to the other side of the barrier would alleviate their pain. After several attempts, the dogs discovered they could control what occurred and began jumping the barrier.


Hope moves us forward. Hope to change our selves, our business, our lives.

What have you just accepted in your business? Have you give up trying to improve it? What causes you “pain” in your business and what do you need to alleviate it?