How to Build Systems and Processes to Grow Your Business

Business Direct PodcastI was recently interviewed on a  podcast (online radio show) and wanted to share this with you on my website. You can listen to the podcast below or read the transcript.


When you run a business there is never a shortage of things that need to get done. But if you have systems and processes in place for how you do things, then you can automate and delegate large portions of your business responsibilities so you can focus on work that will truly have an impact.

Today we’re speaking with Dave Mitchell about how to build systems and processes that you can use to grow your business. Dave works with business leaders to create momentum in their business by focusing on the 5 Foundations of Business, which he’ll share more about in the interview below.

* Note that this blog post is derived from the transcript of the audio discussion. Please excuse any typos or odd wording.

Here’s some of the key points of today’s discussion with Dave that you can read through and apply to you personal as well as professional lives.

Benefits Of Having Systems And Processes In Your Business

Dave shared a lot of different things but really what it comes down to is developing systems of how you actually do things in the business. By doing that;

  • You’ll be able to do things in the most effective and efficient way possible, and
  • You’ll be able to have other people carry out and manage those processes for you.

Once you have something defined then you can delegate that to somebody else.

Determine What Part of The Business To Systematize First

As a business owner, you need to consider what you should focus on systematizing first. Dave mentioned starting with the biggest pain point in the business.

  • Think through what the biggest pain point in your business is.
  • Is it getting more leads coming in to the business.
  • Is it converting those leads into actual sales. or
  • Maybe it is ensuring quality while fulfilling the orders that you have. In your business, maintaining consistent quality maybe a problem.

Find Effective Ways To Develop Systems and Processes

When you are mapping out your process of how do you actually do things, there’s a couple of things you want to consider.

  • Don’t focus on how you currently do things. Focus on how ideally things should be done.
  • Then, determine what steps should be taken to get somebody from a to z in that particular process.
  • Think through all the different pieces that should happen along the way i.e. write them out, and
  • Have decision points along the way so that you have those if-and-then situations already planned in front of you.

One tool that Dave recommended was cacao, which you can use to draw out some of these process online.

Know What To Delegate and What To Do Yourself

The last thing Dave recommends is delegating different parts of this systematizing and process development to different members of your team.

In order to effectively do that, map out 2 different columns.

  • One column is those 3-5 things that only you can do. Then make sure you are focusing your time on those.
  • On the other column, write down the pieces of business that you can work with the rest of the team. This may include developing processes for the team or giving a single process that you are working on to multiple people to try and develop that process and combine that into the best possible process based on everyone’s feedback.

Additional Resources and Next Actions

Dave is writing a book called “Building Your Booming Business” that will be released soon. He goes into a lot more detail in his book on how to identify systems and develop processes in your business.

He has the first chapter of his book available at You can download the first chapter of this book for free to get a really good idea of how to apply what you have read / heard today into your business.

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