Knowing more is not always what you are missing - sometimes you just have to implement what you already know.

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Knowing more is not always what you are missing - sometimes you just have to implement what you already know.

Chance are, you are not looking to sell your business to a large corporation. Chances are you are the independent doctor, contractor, specialty baker, landscaper or restaurateur. You want to create a business that allows you to get paid well and do what you love. People want and need what you offer. You have built a business around what you know best. You had hoped that by building a business you could take control of your own destiny, build a legacy and build wealth.

The trouble is: your talents, skills and artistry in providing your service or product do not always translate into the freedom and prosperity you had hoped.

Even with so many business books and now e-books, podcasts and “free reports”, businesses still suffer. You are still running a business on the seat of your pants, fighting for adequate revenue, can’t find good employees or keep them, and will probably sell your business for the salvage value of your equipment.

There is something in the business advice industry that many coaches, consultants, and gurus know. It’s a dirty little secret that keeps many clients and “followers” constantly on the hook for more:

1)    Most people feel that they have missed some key piece of information or skill instead of realizing that their biggest obstacle is their own failure to implement.

2)    Few people actually implement. Of those that implement, fewer implement well.

Here is the “catch 22” to this dirty little secret: education and developing your abilities as a business owner is one of the defining factors between those who succeed and those that don’t. There are many things that we just cannot know.

Few people start their business truly understanding how they will run it. You are not alone. Education in business is easier to get now than ever before thanks to Google and countless business advisors putting some of their best stuff out there in blogs and books.

So how do you become one of the few successful business owners out of the millions who read business books and attend countless seminars around the world?

Here are the biggest trip-ups I see and what business leaders tell themselves:

Silver Bullet – “There has to be a secret out there. If I can find the one trick that is going to transform my business, my life will improve dramatically.”

Strategy of the Week – “Hey! There’s something I haven’t tried yet. I think I will give it a shot. All the other things I have going on can wait.”

Failure to Launch – “I want it to be just right before I put it out there.”

Overwhelm – “I have so many ideas, I can’t seem to decide which one to do.”

Now that we have diagnosed the problem, here are the remedies:

No Silver Bullets – There are as many paths to success as there are definitions of success. The key is measured implementation of one sound strategy.

Follow Through – Constantly changing tactics and strategies is going to get us nowhere but with a shop full of half-completed projects. Pick one and stick with it until it is operating on auto-pilot

Just Put It Out There – A friend of mine told me recently that “version one is better than version none.”

Get Organized – Most people who talk about having too many ideas never write them down and therefore cannot prioritize them. Keep a notebook of ideas handy and write down anything you come up with. When putting together an annual plan, prioritize them and pick only the ones you can implement well.

As I work with clients, only about 40% of my time is spent in education. Most of what I do is help people get past the challenges they face. Usually business owners know what should be done and have more than enough ideas, but they have not figured out how to implement well.

Get out there and make it happen!

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