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JUST_DO_IT._(NIKE)“Just Do It”


Nike Advertising Slogan
First Launched in 1988 by the
Wieden and Kennedy Ad Agency

“Just Do It” became a mantra for many of us in the 90s. A testament of the American “can-do” attitude. It struck a chord in those that want to become achievers.


Not only did I choose this particular “quote” because it encourages you to achieve – but it is a great example of good marketing. It has been at the core of Nike becoming the sneaker giant we now see it.  


Nike historically came in a distant second to Reebok in the 70s and 80s. People generally saw it as a running or athletic shoe – not a fashion statement. Nike had lost even more ground when the aerobics trend hit and Reebok took much of that market.


The “Just Do It” campaign was different than what Nike had done before. It was intensely focused on the person wearing the shoe and the desired results and much less on the shoe itself.


They closely tied their product to high-achievers like Bo Jackson, John McEnroe and Michael Jordan. In one article I read, they made the clear observation that “Nike was able to attract those who wanted the image without incurring the pain.”


Nike also had several ads that were funny, but more of a chuckle rather than a belly laugh. They still portrayed the achiever mentality with a sense of humor. Anyone else remember Spike Lee’s “It’s gotta be the shoes?”


So what are the lessons we can take away for our own businesses?

  1. Know your target market
  2. Focus more on the “benefit” and not on the product, service or “bells and whistles”
  3. Encourage action
  4. A sense of humor is important – while not becoming the brunt of your own jokes

A word of caution: Most small businesses do not have the marketing dollars for a large “branding” or “image” campaign. I highly encourage a “direct response” approach to most businesses. Why? Because sales cure all. Image campaigns are great if you have a large distribution for your product or a sales force that can complete the sale for you. If you would like to know more about the difference between branding and direct response – click here.






The Silverdale Chamber of Commerce is now taking RSVPs for the Kitsap Business Forum to be held January 22 at 7:30 am in Cavallon Buiding 3rd floor conference room (2011 NW Myhre Rd, Silverdale, WA).


Our first forum is a panel of experts – facilitated by yours truly:


Kelle Kitchel-Cooper (Rockfish Group Marketing )

Dennis Bryan, CPA (Parker, Moores & Cena)

Jeff Reed (All-State Insurance)

Lisa Jewett (Customer Service Specialist)

Wayne Sargent (Express Personell)

Dan Martin (SCORE)

Diane Russell (Attorney)


Bring your business and local economy questions for the panel to answer and debate!


RSVP at (360) 692-6800

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