Leveraging Technology

By April 2, 2013Leverage, Operations, Systems
Have you leveraged yourself through technology yet?

Today, you’re getting this email – however, I wrote it Monday night.


You see, I took advantage of Spring Break this week and disappeared into the back woods with my kids for several days. I would like to report that it was great and that we got back late Thursday, but it hasn’t happened yet. I took advantage of the scheduling aspect of the iContact email system I prefer to use. 


Have you leveraged yourself through technolgy?One aspect of leverage that we often overlook, is that of technology.


Technology cannot take the place of intelligent design or good people. But with the proper application, it can take care of menial and repetitive tasks and give you freedom to pursue other avenues.


However, there are those who will spend all their time trying to find an easier way to do it through technology – when it would be faster to simply do it.


Which camp are you in?