“Make it so, Number One”

Delegation means more than just assigning the job.


Delegation means more than just assigning the job.

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I am a bit of a sci-fi geek. I cut my sci-fi teeth on Star Trek and enjoyed “The Next Generation” as a teen and young adult. I used to watch Captain Picard as he looked at “Number One” Commander Riker and simply said, “Make it so.” Riker always seemed to make it happen. I thought that was how delegation worked. You gave it to your underling and they made it happen. Problem solved.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Because we are giving them the decision-making tools they will need you to follow through, you will also need to walk your team through the process over and over again. Every time you give your team a new challenge, you are forcing them into a Storming stage and they will need your management and leadership much more intensely than before.

As you teach them to manage themselves, they will need you in every meeting. You will need to direct the conversation and encourage some people’s involvement. It will require your follow-through and attention to detail. After a while, you can then begin to ease out of the manager role, move into a leader roll, and finally into empowerment when you can tell your team “make it so” and all you need back is a report on what will be changing.

Why go through the trouble?

It’s going to be tough. Remember the reasons why you need to delegate more: 

  • Better fulfill your company’s vision
  • Give your customers a better experience and a deeper relationship with you and your product
  • Provide your team with a better environment in which to work while eliminating their frustrations
  • Grow your profits to better support the causes and passion you have
  • Free you as the leader to live the life you want and reduce the fires you have to squelch on a continual basis.

It’s going to get tough. You’ll lose team members, have strong conflicts with others, and still come out a better team, business, and leader.

I promise it’s worth it.

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