Marketing Strategy Defined

By April 14, 2014Follow-through, Marketing, Systems

Marketing strategy should be thought more of as a system to produce the best results.One of the biggest challenges to most businesses is how to market themselves. There is a reason why many executives have climbed their way up from the Marketing ranks.

Over the years, I have looked at many strategies, methods and systems for marketing. The type of system that brings the most possible clients to you with the least amount of effort or expense always have the following five attributes:

  1. Marketing is a system – just like every other system in your business.
  2. There has to be an over-riding strategy for it. Just making sales is not sufficient.
  3. The system only works if you stay with it.
  4. Test, evaluate, adjust, repeat.
  5. There are only three methods of investment in your marketing: Cash, Time, and Effort. Of which do you have the most?

There is no silver bullet to marketing. If there was, there would not be so many marketing consultants,sales people, etc. We would all use the same bullet.

As you delve into the different types of strategy, remember that there are two kinds. The first is your Method Strategy. The Method Strategy is the step-by-step process that your customer takes from exposure to the sale. On the other hand, your overall strategy is how each method builds and interacts with your other marketing efforts. By having methods that integrate and work together, you create an exponential model for growth.
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