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By March 18, 2013Leadership, Motivation
You have to find desire from within to be successful

You have to find desire from within to be successfulNothing gets me going more than knowing I have made an impact in the world. It’s why I volunteer for organizations that I believe have an impact. It’s also why I get up every morning and am excited (and even obsessed) about business coaching. I feel I make a difference in the world.


Motivation is a funny thing. Really, you can’t “light a fire” under someone for a lasting effect. You have to keep feeding that fire in order for it to continue and eventually that person will burn-out.


Lisa Earl McLeod, in her book Selling With a Noble Purpose, describes how sales people who feel that the product or service they are selling fulfills a higher purpose out-perform sales people who are only motivated by quotas, commissions or incentives.


True motivation comes from within. Your burning desire is something you have to let grow inside you – no one else can give it to you. Not until you can internalize it, does it become your own. You have to believe that what you are doing has a lasting impact on what matters to you.


Are you lighting a fire under your staff or are you giving them a purpose?


Are you going through the motions yourself or do you have a burning desire to make a difference?



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