My Most Amazing Dining Experience

Create an experience to remember you by.

Create an experience to remember you by.Walls that looked like they had been quilted with a red, eccentrically patterned cloth and embedded with all kinds of small beads that reflected the low light was the first clue that I was in for something special.


I sat down at the table with about 10 other people I did not know. To my left were another 10 people in my party seated at two large, circular booths with curtains ready to be drawn for privacy.


This was the House of Blues Foundation Dining Room in the Red Light District of New Orleans – an exclusive club inside the New Orleans House of Blues and one of the hottest concert venues in the South.


I was interviewing as a graduate student for an Administrative Fellowship with one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country.


The dining experience was so amazing, I can still remember what I ordered more than 10 years ago!


I sometimes hear struggling businesses tell me that they have depended on “word of mouth,” but that it is just not working anymore.


My first question is usually, “What have you done lately to wow them? Are you providing an experience?”


Customers will remember and talk about their experience and the relationship you create. Not your service.

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