Nothing Happens Until Someone Sells Something

By June 12, 2012Marketing, Sales

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something!”




I once walked into a physician’s office on a cold call. The first thing out of the receptionist’s mouth was: “What are you selling?”

I chuckled. My response was simply, “We are all selling something.”

I’m not” she said.

“Sure you are. You are probably paid by the hour. You have a certain set of skills that include customer service, answering the phone, the knowledge of how to appropriately schedule a patient, set up their chart, answer questions, etc. You sell your skills and time for an hourly wage and maybe some benefits. You had to convince the doctor that you were the best qualified and the best choice for the position.”

“I’m his wife” she said coldly.

“That was probably the most difficult sale of your life.” She chuckled and nodded. I got the appointment.

We are not only selling a product or service. Everyday we sell ourselves, our capabilities, our ideas, our dreams. The hardest sale is never for money. The hardest sale is when someone buys with their trust, commitment, faith, confidence, or love.