How are you getting out in front?

If you ask almost any business to describe how they are different from their competition, most say something like, “We provide the best quality with great service at an incredible price.” They don’t have any other way to explain it.

If that is what every business is telling its customer, then the only way a customer has to define the difference is price—and when your business is defined only by price, you become a commodity and are now involved in the “Price Limbo”—how low can you go?

To really connect with your customers, you need to clearly position yourself. Position is simply developing the message to communicate the value you have established in developing product and price.

The good news is if you have spent the necessary time in developing your product, it is extremely easy to develop your position.

Positioning is the set-up to developing your promotions and consists of two parts:

  1. Define your target market. Determine who needs to hear your message. The more specific the market, the more successful you will be. (We’ll dive into this next week)
  2. Define your message. Define the motivations of your target market. Then describe how your business solves a problem or fulfills a desire. This is where a copywriter comes in handy. Copywriters are professionals who are experts in writing to sell. They can help you sculpt this message and avoid most of the marketing trial and error it would otherwise require. With a clear message, the design can then be sculpted around it with logos, pictures, and graphic design. (More on this to come as well.

For now, stop using the “Quality, Service, Price” trifecta when talking to your customers. Start describing how it will impact their daily life.

 is a professional keynote speaker and the author of the book Building Your Booming Business. He is also an executive business coach and consultant that works with business owners and managers to create momentum in their business with strategies and tactics that they can implement today. These strategies are based on the five foundations of business: Marketing, Leadership, Operations, Finance and Systems.


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