Referrals and Word-of-Mouth

By September 23, 2013Marketing, Operations, Systems
Word of mouth marketing lining people out the door

Great word of mouth marketing gets them lining up out the door.There is a GREAT taco place just around the corner from my office. The good news is they have some incredible food, great service and not too expensive. The bad news is that they are so easily accessible, that I eat there too often; and even though they are delicious, it’s not the best choice for my weight management.

There is something else about this place: lunch has a line out the door every day, rain or shine.

They do not have a website and I have never seen any advertising. The only advertising I have seen is their Facebook site. So how do they do it?

They have a simple recipe:

A Great Experience: Going to this taco place is more than just getting great tasting food. The décor, environment, the people, even the selection of drinks (home made horchata or Jarritos sodas) and sides give their customers a feeling of stepping into a Latin-American taqueria. It’s more than the food – it’s an experience that gives you a mini-vacation.

Consistency: I know exactly what I am getting when I get my favorite dish. It doesn’t matter who is at the register or who is cooking that day. I always get what I want.

Encouraging Word of Mouth: They are involved in their community. I frequently see posting about activities in their church and charity events they are supporting. They are also located close to the largest employer in the area – allowing employees to easily walk to their mini south-of-the-border vacation.

The most important marketing you can do is to keep your customers coming back. Give them more reasons to come back to see you and bring their friends– besides price.


If you are interested in creating an incredible experience that keeps them coming back, let’s talk.