Sandy Hook Tragedy

By December 17, 2012Accountability, life style

My Daughter With Her Kindergarten Teacher

"I am very mindful that words cannot match the depths of your sorrow. But whatever measure of comfort we can provide, we will provide…. Newtown, you are not alone."

President Barack Obama
speaking at the memorial service of the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I heard the news driving from one appointment to the next. “Children from the school have been moved to a firehouse nearby where parents are arriving to pick them up. Some of these parents will not bringing their child home.”


I teared up at that moment. I reflected as I drove down Hwy 3 on my own children, ages 6 and 9.


I hugged them a little more eagerly when I picked them up that day. It made my daughter’s gymnastics demonstration on Saturday that much sweeter.


While we all ask why and how and who is to blame, let’s not overlook the treasures we have – our own children. Hug them a little tighter, kiss them a little more often, tell them how important they are a little more often.

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