By March 10, 2014Leadership
Give a helping hand. Be a servant Leadership for your team, your customers and your community.

Give a helping hand. Be a servant Leadership for your team, your customers and your community.The greatest thinkers since the beginning of time have encouraged us to look out for each other. Every advanced society encourages it. Every faith requires it. The best leaders are “servant leaders”: leaders that believe that their purpose is to serve customers and team members alike for a greater purpose than themselves.

Building a market means delivering a product that serves the customer well. You lead your customers to a better version of themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there are products that actually destroy the customer either immediately or eventually while giving immediate satisfaction (tobacco, drugs, pornography, etc.) We often talk about providing great customer service, but do you truly have a spirit of service or are you constantly balancing what we are providing compared to what we are receiving?

Building a team requires service. You have to give attention to every person on the team and give them the tools, skills, and confidence that your your customers need. Building your team is more than plugging a peg in a hole to stop the gap. It means mentoring and coaching them. It requires more than management, it requires leadership – which requires being service-minded.

Building the community around you through your personal and business efforts is also important. It’s no secret why businesses enter into philanthropy. Not only is it good for your soul, but it’s good for your bottom line.

The character and integrity of your business is only as strong as your own. By becoming a better person, you become a better leader, and you build your booming business.


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