Step Into The Darkness

By September 17, 2012Follow-through

“Stop complaining about what you’re not getting, and start creating what you want.”

Dr. Phil McGraw (1950 – )


Motion. Action. Momentum.

One of my Scout leaders always wanted us to have a plan. One problem: it seems that plan was all we ever did. When it came to our activity night, we had no activity, so we planned. No follow-through was ever decided on between activity nights. The next week we planned because no one ever did anything.

Does this sound like your business. Big, hairy, audacious goals. Annual plan. Flop at the end

Sometimes it’s not the goal that flops. We don’t know how to make it happen. There comes a moment when you have to step into the darkness, having faith there is solid ground beneath your feet.

What scares you? Do it anyway. Take that step today