Stupid Is As Stupid Does

By March 21, 2013Accountability, Leadership
Admitting you might be wrong

Admitting you might be wrongI have rarely met someone that admitted they did not want to learn – unless they thought they knew better.


I have worked with highly intelligent people who have a firm grasp of their area of expertise.


Unfortunately, their intelligence, knowledge or skill does not guarantee they can run a business successfully. I have met many doctors, lawyers and other highly paid professionals that couldn’t seem to make it work without help. Some of them went broke.


I have also found high school drop-outs who dominate their market.


Willingness to learn is only a small part of what makes the difference.


The larger part of success is the ability to admit we are wrong. Before you can recognize that you are wrong you must be open to the fact that you might be wrong. It’s one thing to seek out new information or practice a new skill. It’s completely different to take a long-held belief and turn it upside down. Few things bruise the ego quite so dramatically. Humility is more than being teachable.


Don’t get me wrong. If you are confident you are right, prove it. Fight for your ideas, values and dreams.


What I am saying is that you have to have a small opening in the back of your mind that you could possibly be on the wrong side of the argument.


If you are reading this thinking “I’m glad that’s not me,” you might be wrong.