Marketing is a lot like being a mad scientist

Marketing is a lot like being a mad scientist - test test testI occasionally get responses to my emails asking me what the best day, time, or how frequently they should send out their emails. Unfortunately, the answer is: It depends.


While there are certain marketing principles that everyone should know and apply, the direct application of those principles really depends on several points:


  1. Target Market
  2. Purpose
  3. Value
  4. Follow-Through
  5. Consistency

If you look closely, these are the same things you should consider before you start any marketing strategy.


Unfortunately, like most marketing, you have to test it to find out. No matter how well you believe you are inside your ideal clients’ mind and know what they need, you really aren’t. It takes time and patience.


It’s very much like a mad scientist trying his latest experiment. Create what you think will happen, develop a plan to see if it works, launch and evaluate.


Think through it a little. Send out a few emails and see what kind of response you get. Know your numbers and what works versus what doesn’t. Make adjustments.


The most important aspect is to BE CONSISTENT. I get more unsubcribes after I miss my regular intervals than at any other time.


Version one is better than version none.

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