Three Cs of Marketing

By March 8, 2012Marketing, Sales

You’ve heard of the 4 Ps of  marketing. Allow me to introduce the 3 Cs of promotion:

        1. Content
        2. Clarity
        3. Consistency


Does the ad or message have anything of value? Does it reach somebody or is it just a pretty, ego-boosting piece for your business? Will it interest anyone but you? Are you emphasizing benefits important to customers or features you think are cool? Writing content is not as easy as you think.

Make sure you are writing to your customer – not yourself or your competitor. Even when we develop it our selves, our message can become mixed depending on our mood or the problem of the day. Don’t go it alone. Get someone else to at least proof read it for you. Of course have a point to the marketing. What do you want your customer to do?

All too often, we abdicate our marketing to the newspaper ad salesman, the yellow pages, or the graphic artist. The trouble is that with five people developing messages, every message will be different. Your business card, pamphlets, website, presentations, and even your communication with your employees should carry the same message.

Of course your 3 Cs need to based in your marketing plan. Too many tactics without an overriding strategy can send you in too many directions without ever getting any traction.

Happy Hunting!