With the information age, we find ourselves looking for a new way to do it - without actually doing it.

With the information age, we find ourselves looking for a new way to do it - without actually doing it.OK. I’ve had enough information over-load. I find myself constantly looking for new ideas, new ways of marketing, new ways to deliver my service that will move my business and my life-style forward in some incredible leap.

Each of us reach our “plateaus” – those stages where we have reached a wall and can’t seem to climb it, go around it or even go under it. It feels like you are just beating your head against the wall and can’t get past it.

The key to getting past the wall or moving off the plateau is more simple than you might think. And even I struggle with it:

It’s implementation.

I have seen in many of my clients that they have one of two problems. One problem is they have a hundred strategies in various levels of development, but none of them completed. The other is that they continue using the techniques that have taken them this far, but don’t make the adjustments necessary to continue growing. As Dan Sullivan says, “The skills that got you out of Egypt are not the same skills that will get you to the Promised Land.”

So how do you break those plateaus? How do you get beyond the wall?

The first is complete implementation. Pick one strategy and develop it, launch it and tweak it before moving on to the next one. Rather than starting a new business line, why not figure out how to make the current service/product more efficient, satisfy needs better, reduce your cost or increase your revenue? Rather than looking for a new marketing method, why not develop the marketing efforts you currently have to create more sales?

The second is to stop doing what isn’t working. If you are still doing the same things and can’t move forward, it might be time to start teaching your team to take over some of your tasks (delegation) to free you up to begin taking your business to “The Promised Land.”

Either way, you need someone to walk you through it. You can’t do it by yourself.

You already know what you should be doing, now get someone to help you organize your thoughts and make a plan to follow-through.

Let me know if you are ready to break your ceiling: