Where Did Your Week Go!?!?!

By September 14, 2012Time Management
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“By failing to prepare,
your prepare to fail.”


Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790)
Known as “The First American”
(Note: This quote is also attributed to John Wooden)


We often get to the end of the week and ask: “What did I do all week!?!? Wasn’t I busy all week!?!?”


I usually ask this question when I have not planned my week. I let my week drive me rather than me directing it. I would go from appointment to appointment and work on projects when I thought of them. At the end, I had lots of OK meetings – sometimes not with the right people. I had worked on several projects – but not completing any of them.


Here are a few things I have found to be most effective for me:

  1. Plan the year
    Know each month what your marketing, operations improvements and staffing changes you will need.
  2. Plan the month
    Get important events on the calendar – chamber luncheons, education opportunities, family commitments. Make sure you block out time for doing your books, making new contacts and working on following through with your annual plan.
  3. Plan the week
    Plot out on your week when you will work on which project and what part of the project. Make sure there is time for your paperwork and accounting – I have found those are the most procrastinated tasks.
  4. Plan the day
    Make a to do list before you start the day. Some prefer to do it the night before, others first thing in the morning. I don’t believe it matters. Once you have your to-do list, put a time to it. Respect your own time and don’t let other people destroy your plan.

Would love to hear if this helps you or not. Is there something that you do differently? Send me an email or leave a comment!