Why so much marketing?

By December 9, 2013Marketing
Marketing is the first building block of business

Marketing is the first building block of businessEvery business leader I have ever met is looking for hoards of people flocking to their business. They hope that demand for their services will keep them from having to worry about cash flow, making payroll, finding good employees, or having a great product to begin with. It would be their dream, come true.

Marketing is the first “Building Block” that I often focus on for a couple of reasons.

First, a business cannot be a business until enough sales are made to support it. Until that moment, it’s only a hobby.

Second, marketing is the most misunderstood area of business. Most leaders believe marketing means a better ad, a more aggressive sales team, or placement in a “big box” store. Marketing has much more to do with identifying the people who need you, developing a product that gets them excited, and then strategically communicating with them in a way that leads them towards the sale. Much more complicated than buying advertising or making sales calls.

In a nut shell, your marketing challenge is to first get a very clear definition of your market. After you know who, you have to discover what your market really wants (not just what they say they want), communicate your value, separate yourself from your competition, create a strategy that connects all your marketing efforts, develop a system that gently walks them through their purchasing decision and finally over-fulfilling on your promise.

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be. We can walk through creating your marketing building block together. The is to have a systematic way to walk that path.

Before you get too far, remember my “Marketing Manifesto here:  “Yelling Is Not Selling”


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