You know you hate it.

By August 18, 2013Accountability
Most of us struggle with accountability

Most of us struggle with accountabilityWe all struggle with accountability. We do not want to be held accountable because we know when we could have done better and fell short. We do not want to hold others accountable because we want to avoid the potential conflict that may arise from differing views of performance.

Even for a one-man-army business, creating systems of accountability – for ourselves and others – will accelerate your success.

Here is a quick process create an accountability system:

Define what “winning” looks like. This moves beyond the standard job description. Each person should know what they are expected to contribute and how they will know if they are doing it well. Don’t negotiate on these. Either they win or they don’t.

Set times. How efficiently do you expect your team members to complete it?

Have consequences and awards for winning. Communicate this before they begin.  Consequences should be enough to hurt while rewards should be enough to motivate.

Track everything. You can’t know if it is being done and make course corrections if there is no method of tracking.

Be bold, but caring. With the exception of just mean people, nobody likes confrontation. We will often tolerate poor performance until we reach a boiling point. Then we blow up; making the problem worse. By using the tracking above, you can frequently let them know when they are failing. Sit with them frequently enough that they can make course corrections. This is the kind way to keep them accountable.

If you need to accelerate your success, get some additional accountability in your business; start a mastermind or get a coach.